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Marriage at Morrow Creek by Lisa Plumley

The only thing Rose Tillson ever wanted was a life of travel beneath the Western stars–and to marry secret sweetheart Will Gavigan! All Rose needs is a small dose of Hallowe’en magic to make Will realize she’s the girl of his dreams….

Wedding at Warehaven by Denise Lynn

When Brigit of Warehaven casts a simple spell to reveal her true love’s identity, she never expects to wed him that same night! But until the mischievous trickeries of All Hallows’ Eve are over, Randall FitzHenry cannot truly claim his bride’s heart.

Master of Penlowen by Christine Merrill

Arabella Scott cannot decide whether she’s been saved or abducted when she is rescued from highwaymen by a darkly brooding stranger. In his eerily cold, dilapidated home, she has no choice but to trust her cavalry officer rescuer….

And let’s just tie ’em all together…

I’m thrilled to be at The Romance Reader at Heart, sharing my medieval story in the October Harlequin Historical Hallowe’en Husbands Anthology – “Wedding at Warehaven“.  It was fun to participate in my first anthology along with Lisa Plumley’s western story “Marriage at Morrow Creek” and Christine Merrill’s gothic “Master of Penlowen“.  The mix – western, medieval and regency/gothic –  was a good one for Halloween in my opinion, but then, I am a tad biased.

But the best thing about writing my selection was that it provided a great setup for the next medieval series.  Yep, there’s a method to my madness.  For those of you who read my Falcon series, you might remember Marianne’s story – “Falcon’s Heart” and then again, it’s been so long…the hero Bryce had a good friend Jared the Dragon of Warehaven.  “Wedding at Warehaven” is about Jared’s parents and the magic that brought them together.

An old wives’ tale stated that if a maiden wanted a glimpse of the man who would claim her as his love this next year, she need only look over her shoulder into the flames as she walks away from a bon fire. However, when Brigit looks into the flames, she sees a warrior on a warhorse, with his weapon drawn coming to claim her keep.

The story also explains the whole “dragon” thing.  If a 12th century couple stumbled across a dinosaur graveyard in a cave, might they not assume “dragon”?  In my mind they did.

Since I do enjoy puzzles, I had to take it a few steps further…of course. I also love related characters. My fave series was Jude Deveraux’s Montgomery books–especially when I discovered that their ancestor had been The Black Lyon.

So, in “Wedding at Warehaven” there’s Brigit and Randall who have three children – Jared, Isabella and Beatrice. The girls take after their mother and have this “thing” for herb-lore. They use yarrow on their brother Jared to get him married. It…sort of works. He does end up marrying Queen Evonne of Mirabilus (the twin sister of Rhian in “Falcon’s Honor“). Sadly, the spells the sisters use for themselves go horribly awry. Well, horribly for them maybe, but fun for me.  Did you know that if you steep lemon balm in a goblet of wine, then give that wine to a man, he’ll fall in love with you forever? Natch, I don’t know if that’s true, but Isabella believes it. Too bad the goblet ends up in the wrong guy’s hand. The herb rosemary is supposed to be for rememberance…well, unless you’re Beatrice of Warehaven.

Let’s go a step further and ramp it up to the 21st century. We had Jared and Evonne—Jared becomes the Dragon of Mirabilus. Through the centuries, the name transforms into Drake.  And in the 21st century, the Drake family is still the ruling family of Mirabilus. And they’re still Dragons, who’ve learned the old ways—the ways of the first inhabitants of Mirabilus. Did I mention that the first inhabitants were wizards? Sorry, must have slipped my mind.

Through the efforts of a really, really, really nasty bad wizard, who lusts after the lofty position of Hierophant,  there are only 4 remaining Drakes – Braeden The Dragon Lord, his twin Cameron (who actually IS a dragon), their youngest brother Sean (who doesn’t believe in magic at all…for now) and the boys’ aunt Danielle.  To keep the family coffers full, the Drakes are “into” developing resorts. Currently they are working to open a resort just outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee called “Dragon’s Lair“.

The first story – Braeden’s will be a Silhouette Nocturne release in February 2009 titled “Dragon’s Lair“.  He and his estranged wife Alexia must work together translating an ancient grimoire – the same manuscript that was supposedly burned in “Falcon’s Honor“—in order to save themselves and the family.

While I know that jumping from medieval romance to paranormal romance will gain me some groans, I just couldn’t help myself. I love medieval romance and I don’t foresee ever leaving it – just off the top of my head I have 6 stories clawing to get out. But I also love wizards and dragons. How could I not be thrilled to have the opportunity to write those stories, too? Jumping from the 12th century to the 21st was hard at first, but now it’s become fun. Fun as in thankfully I have the ability to laugh at myself when I forget where I am.

If the above genealogy is confusing, I’ve put together a family tree that might make it clearer. Then again, considering how bad some of the pics are it might not. But if you’d like a look-see, my sad attempt is at:  http://dlynnauthor.com/familytreex.jpg

So, tell me, do you like related series? Do you like reading about “family” through different time periods? What about wizards and dragons? Am I alone in my fascination?

Thanks for stopping by and have a Great Day!!!

Denise Lynn

****Leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of HALLOWE’EN HUSBANDS! Good Luck!

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Fall Into Reading 2008

I did this challenge on my old blog and if I remember right, I went a little overboard with the main list I wanted to read and the alternate list. So this year, I’m going to keep it very simple. Six books on the main list and six books on the alternate list. Maybe in the three months before the challenge ends, I’ll be able to actually read all the books listed or hopefully, the main list of books I chose. Wish me luck! 🙂

Challenge starts today, September 22, and ends on December 20, 2008.

Main List —

UNDERCOVER by Lauren Dane
BE WITH ME by Maya Banks
JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by Julie James (new-to-me author)
HOT AS HELL by Helenkay Dimon

Alternate List —

BY THE BOOK by NJ Walters
NIGHT FALL by Cherry Adair
THE MANE ATTRACTION by Shelly Laurenston
LUCKY CHARM by Carly Phillips

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