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An unforgettable man. Irresistible temptation. One last chance to get it right.

Magazine layout artist Kira Weston knows all about frustration. She wasted three years loving Ethan Roarke, a man who played her body like a fine instrument—but wouldn’t let her anywhere near his heart.

She doesn’t believe for a second that Ethan needs her to pretend they’ve reunited in order to deflect his boss’s carnal advances. Once Kira realizes he thinks she’s dating a gigolo, however, the urge to teach him a lesson is more than she can resist.

She only meant to torment him with seduction without fruition, but suddenly revenge is the last thing on her mind. This could the one chance she long dreamed of when they were together—to finally break down Ethan’s emotional walls.

Or get over him once and for all…

Happily Ever After?

I’m going to admit something that horrifies the masses. No, I don’t do rude gestures in public (well, not randomly) and it’s not hygiene related, I promise.

I almost always read the last page of a book first.

Especially if I’ve never read the author. It’s my little test. I’ve always felt that if an author can end a book well–no cliches, nothing so sugary sappy I might go into a coma, and particularly, if they can pull off making the end not a rehash of who did what–then I’ll read the whole book. A very few authors can make the book sound so compelling that I’ll tear through it, just to find out what the heck they were talking about. And then you have those wonder authors, those people I wanna be when I grow up, who’s endings I don’t dare read until I’ve savored each and every page leading up to it. I think there’s like three of those. In all time. Which should show you my dedication to reading the end of a book.

And it was while I was checking out these varied back ends that I’ve come to a curious conclusion. There’s not a lot of books with epilogues any more.

I remember back in the day, just about every book had an epi. My evidence of happily ever after. My reassurance that this couple would make it work and have kids (or not), but be happy together for always. Quite a lot of them now end with lines like, “..and she knew it would be this way for always.”

Not that I’m picking on folks for this–I’ve done it myself–but I can’t help but wonder. What this movement about? Is it a conscious trend? Are happily ever afters considered—gasp!—cliche? Or maybe just too sweet? Or is it something a little darker, about society as a whole?

As an author, one has to be aware of trends and such and always, always, those pesky rules that tell us what the market is after and not after at the moment. Funny things like, no heroes with red hair, avoid celebrities, no musicians has come up again of late. (Though, that one might just mean pop or rock stars, we’re not totally sure). Has it come into thinking, do you think, that generally people don’t want to see their happily ever afters because truly, they don’t believe it will happen? That being happy right now is quite enough?

Maybe readers want their romance, but writers might be concerned with breaking the fragile spell by making things too happily ever? Or have I just been looking at the wrong end of the books lately? What do you think?

Book Title: Kiss Me Again
Release Date: Sept. 16th, 2008
Link To Book Info.
(Link not active til the 16th) http://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/product.da/kiss-me-again

About The Author: Dee Tenorio is a voracious reader, mother of three and a wife for thirteen years–which means her ovaries do overtime doing laundry, finding keys and lost socks and diapers that have mysteriously disappeared to the sound of wild toddler giggles. Since she’s written stories from the time she was little, she thought it was a pretty good idea to get into writing romance–sensual, romantic and sometimes funny. After all, she’s currently living her own happily ever after. Dee can be found most days on her blog, www.deetenorio.com/Blog.

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