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Found this at S.J.’s site. Had to share since I recently got the chance to read EVE OF DARKNESS, Book 1 in her new Marked series. It’s early, but mark your calendars, if EVE OF DARKNESS is anything to go by, this series is going to ROCK! 🙂

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Go see Lauren Dane’s reaction to getting a galley of her book, UNDERCOVER. 🙂 So thrilled for her!

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A romantic game of chicken—and they’re both too stubborn to flinch.

Lucy Fairchild, lawyer and heiress to the Fairchild fortune, has just had the worst day of her life. Her father has found the perfect man for her to marry. Yes, she’s thirty and single, but that doesn’t give her father the right to run her life. She’ll choose her own husband—someday.

Jake Dalton is struggling to make his fledgling construction company a success. Ever mindful of his father’s derogatory comments that he’d never amount to anything, he’s spent his entire life trying to prove he’s not a failure.

From their first meeting on a construction site, verbal sparks fly. Their argument escalates into a dare for a date—and the game is on. Lucy thinks Jake is the perfect fake boyfriend to parade around in the hopes of getting her father off her back. Jake is amused by the chance to annoy both Lucy and her dad—he doesn’t intend to take the dating thing seriously.

But the heart is a fickle thing, and not above playing dirty. In their quest to prove something—to each other, or maybe to themselves—they find themselves building a case…for love.

And suddenly all the rules have changed.

Do you think it’s true that opposites attract?

I believe it, and I write about it often. Frankly, I tend to find when I create characters who are ‘opposites’, that by the end of the book, they’re not as opposite as they thought they were—or even as I thought they were.

It’s a fun theme to explore in romance—how two people with nothing in common find a common ground in which to launch their forever.

DARE TO LOVE, my book releasing from Samhain Publishing today, is very much an opposites attract kind of story. Lucy Fairchild is a rich heiress living in one of the finest areas in San Francisco. She’s always had a live of privilege, being the only daughter of a wealthy attorney who runs the Fairchild law firm. Since her mother died when she was a child, Lucy has been groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps, and that’s what she did. She’s now a partner in the firm, dutifully carrying on the Fairchild tradition of practicing law. But when her father tries to arrange a marriage for her with a man he finds suitable, Lucy balks. She can certainly choose her own man to marry and doesn’t need her father interfering.

When she runs into heckling construction workers as she’s pondering her father’s latest scheme to interfere in her life, she meets Jake Dalton, a man very much outside the realm of her world. Jake owns a construction company, is a self made man and hasn’t inherited a damn thing in his life. Abandoned by his parents at a young age, Jake has worked for everything he has now using sweat equity. Lucy is designer suits and evening gowns, and Jake is blue jeans and work shirts. Lucy is opera and charity events, and Jake is beer and barbeque. How could these two opposites possibly attract?

Of course, when they first meet there’s an instantaneous physical attraction. But beyond that, a curiosity, a fun antagonism between them, and a dare that neither of them are willing to back down from. It’s the dare that sets things in motion, and brings the two of them together long enough for them to realize that maybe they aren’t as opposite as they thought. And they begin to question everything they thought they knew about themselves and the lives they lead. Fun stuff!

I hope you’ll give DARE TO LOVE a try.

It’s available today from SAMHAIN PUBLISHING.

****Leave a comment for the chance to win a download from Jaci’s backlist at Samhain!

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