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Passing along contest info….

Now it is your chance to be a cover model!  Dorchester Publishing is offering readers the opportunity to create their own costumes based on characters in their favorite Dorchester romances for a chance to win cash prizes and free books.

Romance novels have the power to transport us to worlds of fantasy, lands far away, the distant past and the distant future. They capture our imagination and allow us to see, smell, breathe and touch as if we were the character in our favorite book. Dorchester challenges its readers to bring the books to life by “getting into character” and taking some pictures.

Participating is easy.  Simply choose your favorite character or scene from a Dorchester book, dress up accordingly, snap a photo and send it in to be judged by our Romance experts.

You could be Egan MacDonald from HIGHLANDER EVER AFTER fighting in his plaid and paint or Rain Tairen Soul from KING OF SWORD AND SKY, shape-shifting and brandishing your deadly blade. Perhaps you’d like to go shoe shopping and mystery solving like the indomitable Maddie Springer from ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS. If the future is your bag, dash across the Northern Waste as Raina Bowen in DRIVEN. The sky is the limit!

A winner will be chosen in each of the following categories: Best Historical, Best Paranormal, Most Romantic and Most Creative. The winners will receive cash prizes and copies of their favorite author’s books.

HOW TO ENTER: Choose your favorite character, get a costume and snap a photo. Email the photo to cnelson@dorchesterpub.com by September 1, 2008.

For more information:  http://www.dorchesterpub.com/Dorch/SpecialFeatures.cfm?ID=2488

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Pulling this up to the top so it can be seen. 🙂 We have a winner! Jasmine posted the name of the winner below and the winner is…..


Congrats Fedora!

Please email your address to Jasmine at skully @ skullybuzz.com (without the spaces). Enjoy your book!

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The Knights of White series is based upon the Texas Legend of Matamoros Monsters, aka Demons. You can find that legend at http://www.theknightsofwhite.com/the-legend/. That legend started my mind racing with potential. Who would fight demons? Angels of course. But to live on earth one finds temptation, one finds humanity! My Knights of White are sexy, dark, dangerous. They are immortal. They have been saved by angels after having their souls stripped away by demons.

Each of my Knights BECAME a demon for mere seconds before an angel returned their soul. Since each is touched by a demon, each has a stain on their soul. That stain is spreading and over time the taint will consume their soul again and they will become the soulless beast the angel saved them from becoming. A mate can bind the beast within them and save them. Ah, but it is not that easy. To mate, the knight must fight a bigger beast – himself! The beast inside him – the same one we all own! The one that creates our self doubt, our insecurity, our pain. The one we all hide inside. The Knight must decide he is worthy of his role in this world. That there was a reason he was saved over others who were not. That he has a purpose. It is not enough to simply find his mate to defeat the stain on his soul. He must find himself!

When I created the series I thought of all the ways life makes us battle ourselves. The way it makes us choose. The way right and wrong tempts us. We tend to be our worst enemies. Facing a soulless demon is easy – you know you want to kill it. But what of the demon that is in all of us? The side of ourselves that makes us doubt, makes us feel fear, makes us regret? That is not a demon easily destroyed!

I hope you will consider journeying with my Knights to a place where danger is everywhere, and salvation is inside. A place where one woman may be the path to that salvation for one Knight , but he must reach for that salvation himself. The Knights of White series is about passion, adventure, danger…..and love.

My July release! Beast of Darkness is a wild ride, complete with ghosts, Demons, magic, and a whole lot of action-packed danger. Add a really hot romance, and it is perhaps my favorite Nocturne to date that I have written. As for the future of The Knights of White – Book 4 is CAPTIVE BY THE BEAST. The hero, Rinehart, travels to a secret military island to save a group of humans with XMEN-type gifts that the Beasts hope to clone for their own use. This story will leave you with a slight cliffhanger related to the characters in the next book BEAST OF FIRE. BEAST OF FIRE will give away major secrets regarding Marisol and Rock’s story, and yes, they will FINALLY get their story in book 6 – tentatively titled HEALED BY THE BEAST!

Visit me at lisareneejones.com

****Lisa is giving away four copies of the first Knights of White book, BEAST OF DESIRE, so leave a comment to be in the running to win one. 🙂

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Can we talk?  About sex?  Seriously?

Now that I have your attention, let me say that as much as sex has stayed the same over the centuries, it has changed, in my opinion.  Especially in the last five years.

I’m referring to sex in romance novels, of course.  To say that the lines are beginning to blur is the understatement of the century.

I always thought I wrote sexy books, but I was careful in my twenty five-plus novels not to cross a line into erotica.  Not that I object to erotica.  I don’t.  In fact, I read some of it.  Recently, I read one that I can only describe as an OMG! book, and I mean that in a good way.  Having said that, a number of years ago, when invited by a publisher to write for a new erotic line, I declined.  Probably an unwise decision considering the hot market it has become.  But I didn’t then, and don’t now, want to be labeled an erotic writer.  It probably has something to do with being the mother of four sons and being embarrassed if they were to read my erotic sex scenes.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t be just as embarrassed to have them read love scenes in my current books, especially if I were in the room.  But that’s me.

However, this is where the story changes.  I have noticed lately that regular romance novels are changing.  Things that would not have been sanctioned even five years ago are accepted today.  Forgive my bluntness, but I’m talking about multiple partners, menages, anal sex, swallowing, mild bondage, sex toys,  intercourse with four-legged animals/men.  I am not so much  shocked as amazed that I could be so far out of the loop.  Is  this really a reflection of society?  Is this what young people… heck, single people of any age…are doing today?  I suspect the answer to that is a resounding yes.  Think about it. There  are famous scenes in “Sex in the City” that revolve around  some of these very issues, including the famous “Golden Rain” one.

Having said all that, my latest book, VIKING UNCHAINED, has the sexiest love scene I’ve ever written in its opening chapter.  Don’t get me wrong.  It doesn’t involve any of the items mentioned above.  But it is graphic.  Why did I do it?  Well, it just seemed to need to be written that way.  I wanted an intense  love scene between a husband and wife who are deeply in love and about to be parted.

This book is also the most poignant I have ever written.  Watch this short book video at http://www.sandrahill.net  or at http://www.YouTube.com under “Viking Unchained,” and you will see what I mean, especially the frames taken of the Arlington National Cemetery burial and of the rose atop the flag-draped coffin.

VIKING UNCHAINED is a contemporary time travel, the latest in my Viking Navy SEAL books (a loosely linked series that can be read out of order).  In this book, Thorfinn is a fierce Viking warrior grieving for his lost son, Miklof.  Lydia is a modern woman grieving for her dead Navy SEAL husband.  Thorfinn shoots through time, one thousand years, and is convinced that Lydia’s son Mike is his own Miklof.  Lydia thinks Thorfinn, who claims to be a time-traveling Viking, has been sent by her dead husband.

Thorfinn is tempted by the odd woman…especially when she chains him to her bed.  Lydia is tempted by Thorfinn when he teaches her that there are some tricks only a Viking male has in his repertoire.

I hope you’ll try this book.  Than let me know what you think about my sex…and the state of sex in the romance industry.  I can be reached at shill733@aol.com or at my website www.sandrahill.net.

Sandra Hill (NYT and USA Today bestselling author of more than 25 novels,  including her latest VIKING UNCHAINED.  Whether they be Vikings, Cajuns  or Navy SEALs, whether they be historical, contemporary or time travel,  the underlying theme is always humor…and sizzle.)

****Remember to leave a comment to be in the running to win a copy of this book! Good luck!

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