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Got this from Julianne MacLean today and had to share. 🙂

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Do You Twitter?

If you answered yes to that question, then you’ve become as bad as I am.

Let me back up about a year or so, back to when I hadn’t a clue about social networks. I’ve had web site for many years, but when I began publishing way back in 1997, I knew absolutely nothing about how to go about setting up a web page, so I contacted the wonderful design team at http://www.eclectics.com and have happily paid them to host and design my site ever since. About the time TWILIGHT MAGIC (Dec. 2006) was due for release, someone told me I should really set up a page at MySpace.

That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Once I figured out how to find a background, and upload pictures, I was in business. Then I learned a bit of html and was so proud of myself when I could do links! And it was fun connecting with other authors and friends already on MySpace, and joining and participating in groups, and gathering even more friends.

Then someone said, “You know, Facebook is a great place to promote your books, too.” Since I was looking for ways to further promote MAGIC IN HIS KISS, which is a July 2008 release, I decided I should give Facebook a try, too. More friends, more groups, more fun!

Another great place to be is Shelfari. I’ve discovered this is more for my convenience in keeping track of books I’ve read (have you ever bought a book only to get it home, begin reading, and discover you remember the story?) than for promotion. But a few fans have contacted me there, too.

Like Romance? Romance Book Junction is a social network for both writers and readers, and it’s nice being among so many like-minded people.

Now there’s Twitter, which is the easiest of all. All you do is type a line or two about what you happen to be doing at the time.

Want to join me? Go to http://www.sharianton.com and scroll to the bottom of the main page, where there are banners and badges galore for you to click on and follow.

Yes, all of this time on the internet can be a huge time suck, and there are times I think I should chuck them all and go back to being completely ignorant of their charms. What about you? Have you succumbed? Are you a social network junkie, or have you vowed to never go near one of the sites? From among those who comment, I’ll select one (through a random number generator) to receive a copy of MAGIC IN HIS KISS.

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