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Eve who?

That whole split personality thing can get confusing. When I’m doing a booksigning, I have to check the front cover and remind myself what name to sign. Even then, I don’t always get it right, LOL! Under the name Eve Kenin, I write speculative futuristic action romance for Dorchester’s Shomi line. As Eve Silver, I write historical gothics for Kensington Zebra, and contemporary paranormals for Grand Central’s Forever line.

So what’s with the two names?

I started out writing historical gothic as Eve Silver, and when I branched into contemporary paranormals, the transition was quite smooth. There are elements in common for the two genres, including the dark, twisty feel and the suspense flavor. Even though the books are set in different time periods, and my gothics do not contain paranormal elements, there is enough in common that I felt comfortable keeping the same name.

Then came a post-apocalyptic, trans-Siberian trucker tale (DRIVEN), followed by a romance that feels like a cross between Mad Max and Resident Evil (HIDDEN), and a name change seemed to be in order. Enter Eve Kenin. I kept the same first name because I had a vision of being at a booksigning or conference and someone addressing me by a different first name…and me staring at them, blank and uncomprehending. Not a good thing. The surname, Kenin, started out as Henning (which is my husband’s name), but I wanted something short and punchy that screamed “action”, so I played with the name until I came up with Kenin.

And speaking of action, HIDDEN — July 2008 — definitely has it. Tatiana is an incredibly strong, kick-butt heroine who can hold her own in pretty much any situation. In HIDDEN she teams up with Tristan, a tough, sexy stranger who may be her ally…or her enemy.

What’s next after HIDDEN? I have three Eve Silver releases coming in 2008: a dark, brooding historical gothic, HIS WICKED SINS (August); a vampire novella in the trade paperback collection NATURE OF THE BEAST (September) with Hannah Howell and Adrienne Basso; and a sexy paranormal suspense, DEMON’S HUNGER (December).

Thanks for asking me to guest blog.

For more information about Eve, visit http://www.evesilver.net or http://www.evekenin.com

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