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Be Careful What You Wish For

It happened in 1994. My first time. And I’ll never forget it. The pounding heart, the thrills and chills, the “Oh My Gawd!” feelings when I first touched it.

“It” being my book. You knew that, right? I’m talking my first release day. The glorious moment my first novel came out.

Heck, there wasn’t even sex involved. It was a sweet Silhouette Romance. And I was so excited that I almost forgot I and my family might take some flack for me writing “one of those books.”

Thank goodness, I remembered the day before an article was to appear in the newspaper. You see, I thought I could handle the snide remarks, it was my husband who worried me.

So right before he took off for work, I cornered him and gave him the low down. “There will be jokes, your associates will ask questions like ‘Hey did you help her with research?’”

Standing there in the hall, I fed him his lines, “All you have to say is, ‘Hey, guys. Go read her book. (Yeah, I’m forever the salesperson.) The relationship isn’t even consummated.’” I was really proud of the word, consummated, it sounded so non-sexual and all.

“They won’t do that,” he insisted. (Hey, my husband, a really great guy, is a little slow sometimes.)

Anyway, the guys had surrounded him in the shop. “Did you help your wife out on those ’bedroom’ scenes?”

Having his line, he stood his ground—I was really pound of him—and said, “The relationship isn’t even consummated.” (He used my favorite word and everything.)

I’m told that at first, there was silence. A couple chuckles echoed from the back of the crowd, and then came the remark, “Well, I guess she can only write what she knows.”

That night, male ego bruised (men are so silly) he informed me that if I ever decided to write the “other” books, he wouldn’t mind. As a matter of fact, he kind of wished I would.

All I can say is that men should really be careful what they wish for.

Now move ahead, thirteen years to my next release. (Yeah, I know I was kind of slow on getting that second book out there. But I’ve got tons of excuses and I’m trying to make up for it. In addition to the three-book contract I signed with Dorchester last year, I just signed another three-book deal.)

Anyway, back to my husband and his wish. Divorced, Desperate & Delicious hit the bookshelves in December of last year. And let’s just say, my husband’s ego was safe.

Or at least he thought it was.

He returned from a boy’s day out after the big “R” day. I saw it in his eyes that it happened . . . again.

“Spill it,” I said.

He shrugged. “They think you’re cheating on me.”

Even I wasn’t prepared for that one. “Why?”

“They said they’ve seen me without my shirt while kayaking and I don’t have, never have had, a six pack like your hero.”

Being the writer, good with words and all, I immediately set out to fix the situation. “You just tell them that love is blind. And when I see you without your shirt, I see perfection. I see a six pack.” (I know, I know, it’s hard to believe he bought it, but men are easy marks.)

So I skated through that one, but now, my third book, Weddings Can Be Murder is almost out. And hey, there wasn’t any way I was “toning down” my heroes’ abs, not even for my husband’s ego. So he’ll probably hear about that again.

But that’s not all he’s gonna hear about.

You see, the book is dedicated to my husband. And while he might not have a six pack, he really is my hero. He even helps out around the house. And let’s face it, ladies, we all know there’s nothing that turns us on more than a man doing the dishes.

So, in Weddings there’s this scene that has been dubbed, “The Dishwashing Scene.” (Hey, they tell a writer to write what she knows, and I’ve certainly done my share of dishes.)

Hubby is getting together with the guys next weekend. While he’s a real help-around-the-house kind of guy, he, like most men, is afraid to show his softer side to his buddies. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time.

In closing . . . I’d like to say that as a writer of romance fiction, I accept that my stories aren’t going to change history or help solve the problem of world hunger. My goal has always been to offer escapism. I hope while reading my books, my readers laugh a little, sigh a little, blush a little, and are reminded of the importance of love.

This said, Weddings Can Be Murder holds the potential to ease the plight of women all over the world. For every man who reads this book, I will have instilled in him the impossibility to say no when the next woman asks him to help do the dishes.

Thanks for asking me to guest blog.

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