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Summertime Means Hot Nights…and Dark Desires…

Summertime in the South invokes images of sitting on porches drinking mint juleps. Of fishing off the end of a dock in a bayou. Of making love to the sound of a lazy fan, while the humid night breeze washes over your skin.

These are the images that inspired the stories in Hot Nights, Dark Desires, an erotic anthology by Eden Bradley, Stephanie Tyler, and Sydney Croft (who is actually Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione, so Stephanie has two steamy stories in this book!)

Larissa: So Stephanie and I are here today (thank you, Fatin!) to discuss our stories in the anthology, or to talk about the steamy South, or about whatever pops up, but in general, we suck at coming up with blog topics. So I decided to just ask Stephanie some questions. About the South. Or whatever pops up. Okay, Steph, you ready?

Steph: You want me to say yes, don’t you?

Larissa: Well, yes. If you lived in the South, where would you live?

Steph: Africa. Isn’t that south? Stop looking at me like that…okay, probably New Orleans.

Larissa: Let me get you a map. Or should we talk about Ecuador in front of all these people? Ahem. Okay, back to the questions. What Southern food have you always wanted to try?

Steph: Biscuits and gravy.

Larissa: You’ve never tried biscuits and gravy???? Are you serious? That was like, a staple I grew up on. Like, OMG, you’ve never tried French fries?

Steph: You’ve never tried French fries? And for the record, you had the same Ecuadorian issues.

Larissa: For the record, I did not. Can’t prove it, anyway. Unless you saved those emails. You know, the ones where my husband called us both idiots. So…ever had a mint julep? I’ll buy you one at RWA, if not. You bring the migraine meds.

Steph: I’ve had a mint julep! They’re quite minty…stop looking at me like I’m a moron.

Larissa: But it’s such a natural thing to do! Okay, next question. What’s your favorite Southern-set book or movie?

Steph: One of my favorite books in the world is Gone With The Wind…and coming from me, I know you’re going to find this hysterical, but the descriptions just always stuck with me. Reading that book always makes me hungry. Oh, and I also love this novella called Shadow Play, by this new-ish author called Sydney Croft…

Larissa: Ooh, I love Sydney Croft! Is that bad? Narcissistic? Don’t answer that. But do answer this. Where did the idea for your novella, Night Vision, in Hot Nights, Dark Desires, come from?

Steph: You ask a lot of questions. Like my mother does. Anyway…hmmm, the idea really came to me from two things – I wanted to write about a hero named Bat, for a specific reason I can’t tell you BUT if you read Night Vision, you’ll know and I love the movie Road House. Now here’s one for you – do you know where Eden’s idea for her novella, The Art of Desire, came from? (I do!)

Larissa: Um…is it because she likes tattoos? Because she’s not nearly as wussy as I am. But I do have a tattoo!

Steph: Me too!!! Three of them! And yes, it’s because she LOVES tattoos, so her novella features a heroine with a tattoo fetish, and, as you know, it’s awesome 🙂 I’m so excited about this anthology – it feels like just yesterday that we sold it, but at the same time, it feels like we waited forever for its release!

Larissa: It does! But now that it’s out, we’re celebrating, and we’re giving away two copies of Hot Nights, Dark Desires to two commenters! So just leave a comment, maybe tell us what you think of when you think of the American deep South. Thanks so much for coming out to play with us today! And thank you Fatin, for having us!

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