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Black Cats and Magic Shoes

How very fun that I should have the chance to talk about two of my favorite things! Though, my own precious cat would like me to tell everyone that I actually love white cats more than black ones. Since she is perched here in my lap ‘helping’ me type, I had best mention this straight away. That said, I have a tremendous fondness for the black cat, Atherton, whose heroic crime-solving prowess catches a murderer in A Curious Affair (out June 1st– barring acts of God or war). I met Atherton at the animal shelter where my husband and I volunteer, and one day while I was taking a rest from being dragged over the mountain by the hounds of the Baskervilles, Atherton came and sat in my lap and told me the most amazing story. It eventually turned into A Curious Affair, a mystery about a widow who is hit by lightning one Halloween and there ever after hears cats talking to her. Mainly she ignores them and goes on about her life, but one night Atherton appeared in her window and this cat had a terrifying tale to tell. The old hermit who fed the strays had been murdered and Atherton is the only witness. The to-die-for handsome sheriff is inclined to dismiss the case as an accident, but Atherton and Miz March set out to prove him wrong. You can read an excerpt or access Atherton’s myspace page from http://www.melaniejackson.com. There is also a link at the bottom of the page to the Humane Society of Tuolumne County if you are in the area and looking to adopt a four-legged family member. They’ll have the book for sale there and every penny of the sales goes to help the animals at the shelter.

And that just leaves us with magical shoes…. Shoes are special. Shoes are art. They protect us, make us tall, make us comfortable, and sometimes ever sexy. In other words, shoes are magic. But Faith Fleetwood has discovered that some shoes are more magical than others. She has just opened a pair from http://www.hiheelia.com that let her dance on the ceiling with Fred Astaire. Since hiheelia is an actual website, everyone who wants some magical shoes can shop there. You can read a excerpt from And They Danced from the These Boots Were Made For Strutting anthology at http://www.melaniejackson.com. I hope you’ll visit. It’s always lovely to hear from readers.

Wishing you affectionate felines and many magical shoes,

Melanie Jackson


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