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Petition to Amazon

For the last week or so, there has been a huge discussion on Dear Author about how a certain author is bullying reviewers and manipulating the reviews at Amazon so that only her 5 star reviews are shown. Anything less than 5 stars she gets Amazon to remove. Because I feel we have to take a stand and let this author know we won’t stand for her sneaky and shameful ways, I’m sharing a petition Jane at Dear Author started. We’re asking Amazon to change the way they run the site when it comes to reviewing books. Please go read it and sign it. This author has got to be stopped. If she feels the need to track down a reviewer’s personal info because of a 3 star review and imply threats to the reviewer, her family, even her CHILDREN, I wonder what she’ll do should she ever get a 1 star review?  Anyone remember the movie Psycho? That shower scene? Cue the theme music because that’s all I keep thinking about right now.

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