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New addition to the TBR! :)

Went to BAM today and look what goodies I got to add to my TBR! 🙂

She is a mercenary trained in the ways of war and the blade – nothing more. A woman known only as Red Gloves has come to the land of Palins in search of work. What she finds, however, is the torched fields and razed farms of a land defiled.


If you see her without the gloves, run….This is all Josiah knows about the mysterious woman – until he catches a glimpse of the dagger-star birthmark, a sign that she is destined to free his people from a ruthless usurper’s reign of terror.


But she is more dangerous when following her heart…Red doesn’t believe in gods. Nevertheless, she finds herself drawn into the rebellion – not by the prophecy or the chance to win the throne, but by the pain of untold loss in Josiah’s eyes….


A small town called Fairview is Lily Wakefield’s last stop—there’s nowhere left to go. Maybe here she can finally stop running and start a new life. Which just might include Simon McCarthy, the newspaperman and single father who’s starting to make her believe in love again.

Just as she and Simon start becoming a real family that includes her baby twins and his daughter, Lily’s past catches up with her. And that past could rob her of her chance at happiness.




Bullet Catcher Adrien Fletcher is on a mission to track down a baby given up in a black market adoption thirty years ago. He has a list of possible names and one tantalizing clue: the infant girl had been marked with a tiny tattoo. And since tattoo-hunting will mean getting up close and personal with the women on his list, he’s the perfect man for the job. But when Fletch meets Miranda Lang, he knows she can never be just a name on his list. If she’s not his target, he should move on and find the right woman, despite their electrifying attraction. But Miranda is on her own mission, and every step takes her closer to a deadly trap. Fletch may be the only man who can protect her…forcing him to choose between duty and desire.


Garret Tulane is Darcy Rhodes’s personal knight in shining armor. Not only did he rescue her from being stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, but he’s also given her a place to stay. His close family ties and his caring support create the secure home life she wants to give her unborn child.

That security is an illusion, however. Despite the growing closeness between Darcy and Garret, she knows he has obligations and commitments that don’t include her—or another man’s baby. But feeling as she does, when the time comes, will she be able to walk away?


Red werewolf Bella flees her adoptive pack of gray werewolves when the alpha male Volan tries forcibly to claim her as his mate. Her real love, beta male Devlyn, has been out of her life for years, but comes after her when she finds herself accidentally captured by humans. Bella becomes convinced that Devlyn only wants to return her to Volan, but soon realizes that Devlyn loves her as much as she loves him, and is willing to fight Volan to the death to claim her. That problem pales, however, as a pack of red werewolves takes to killing human females in a crazed quest to claim Bella for their own. Bella and Devlyn must defeat the rogue wolves before Devlyn’s final confrontation with Volan. The  strength of the book lies in Spear’s depiction of pack power dynamics, as well as in the details of human−wolf interaction. Her wolf world feels at once palpable and even plausible.


Burdened by Grief, She Hunts a Killer

They never found her sister’s body, but Detective Rebecca Montgomery knows her murderer is still out there. In the five months since Danielle went missing, there have been two more brutal abductions. A savage menace stalks the women of San Antonio, and the relentless detective will do anything to find him.

And a Seductive Stranger Shadows Her Every Move

But her latest case—the discovery of a young woman’s remains inside the wall of a burned-down theater—plunges Rebecca from her grief into a brand-new nightmare. She soon meets handsome, mysterious Diego Galvan at the crime scene, and his shadowy connections will lead to her first break in both cases. But when Rebecca submits to his considerable powers of seduction, she will leave herself vulnerable to a merciless killer . . . and when he attacks, no one will hear her scream.

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We have a winner! Mel posted the winner’s name in her post but I’m pulling it up here so it can be seen. J The winner of Mel’s post is……






Congrats Deidre!



Please e-mail Mel at mel @ melissa – lopez .com (no spaces) with which e format you’d like. Enjoy the book!

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We have a winner! Abby left a message in the comments of her post. The winner of Abby’s post is….
Congrats Maureen!
Email Abby your snail mail addy at: abbygreen3@yahoo.co.uk Enjoy the book!

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My newest Samhain Publishing release has quite an interesting history behind it. I had originally written Touching Lace a few years ago and submitted it to a different publisher. That publisher expressed some interest. Great news, right? We went through revisions and as it turns out they loved the story. More great news. But (oh boy, here it comes) it wasn’t quite hot enough for them. Go figure! Anne Rainey not write a hot story? Get out! LOL

Well, the truth is this story is pretty dang steamy, but considering the plotline I didn’t feel I would be staying true to character if I kicked up the heat and had them falling into bed on page one. So, I held onto the story for a bit and chose not to sex it up more than it already was.


:::Move forward a few years:::


When I got published with Samhain, I thought again about Lacey and Nick’s story collecting dust and wondered if maybe my Samhain editor would be interested in taking a gander at it. I sent it to her, crossing my fingers. BAM! She loved it. I was so thrilled that she didn’t ask me to turn up the heat. There are some stories that work well steamy. There are some stories that work well smokin’ hot (read my Haley’s Cabin, you’ll see what I mean, lol). And there are yet other stories that work well tame. It’s all about the characters, right? So, I had to ask myself, “would I fall into bed with my best guy bud the instant he asked me to?” The answer, “NOT!”. Of course neither would Lacey. She’s not an idiot, for goodness sake! So, that’s yet another reason why I’m so thrilled about this release. My editor saw what I saw. She understood the story and the characters. That’s a very good feeling for an author.


Now, you’re probably wondering, “just how tame is Touching Lace?” Well, it IS an Anne Rainey book. It’s SO not G rated! Yes, it’s steamy! Nick wouldn’t have it any other way, LOL! However, it’s not read it in the closet scorching. For that, you’ll have to read a few of my other current releases. 😉


What are your thoughts on this issue? Should the characters decide how hot the story gets or should the publisher? Think on it a bit, while you read this blurb of Touching Lace:

Touching Lace blurb:

Taking friendship to a whole new level…

Lacey Vaughn is tired of being dumped on by men. It’s clear she needs help in the ways of seduction. Over cappuccinos, Lacey shares her worries with pal Nick Stone. Being the good friend that he is, Nick offers to give Lacey a few pointers in the ways of sexual pleasure. From his first touch, Lacey forgets all about lessons. Now all she wants is more of his luscious body and skillful touches.

Nick’s craved Lacey for months. He’s done watching her waste herself on losers. It’s time she saw him as more than the dreaded good friend. He’ll do nearly anything to have the little spitfire all for himself.

But in order to get Lacey past her insecurities, Nick will have to put it all on the line—including his heart—and pray he doesn’t lose her forever.


Excerpt from TOUCHING LACE can be found here.


Don’t forget to leave a comment! One reader will receive a download (format of their choice) of TOUCHING LACE.

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