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Don’t you just love the title? I’m a sucker for a great title…especially one with Cinderella or Beauty or anything fairytale like, really. Those stories never get old, especially since so many writers update them all the time!


When Fatin emailed to invite me to blog, I wasn’t sure what I’d say. This year I have two small press books out, so I decided to pick the one I thought she would like best – Her Cinderella Complex from Samhain. It’s a classic romance, spiced up a bit. I worked in all my favorite story elements – the enigmatic boss, the spunky secretary, a private island, a glamorous wedding, and a deep dark secret the hero has to uncover for himself. In other words, all the things I read a romance for!


The characters came easily, especially the earnest heroine, whose heart of gold makes me smile each time I read it. I think it is important to create heroines I’d want to have over for coffee, and heroes I’d set my friends up with.


I am sure everyone writes for a different reason, but for me it’s always been about creating a book I would want to read, something I’d stash on my keeper shelf and go back to year after year. Hopefully, Her Cinderella Complex can be that for more people than just me!


Comment and let me know what your favorite things to read in a romance novel are. Fatin will put the names in the proverbial hat, and someone will win a copy of Her Cinderella Complex! To keep up on what I am doing, check out my website or blog. Thanks!

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