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Dear Fatin,

I hope you’ll forgive me doing this in the form of a letter, but I have a conundrum that I hope your readers will be able to resolve. You see, I currently find myself involved in a rather delicate domestic situation. The problem is as follows:

For over a year, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship with someone I’ll call Don. He meets all my needs in every regard–or he used to. He used to be tender, affectionate, sweet, loving. He never tired of cuddling, or spending long hours in bed. It was absolutely perfect. I had never been happier.

Now, unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. He ignores me, only comes looking for me when he wants something, and has taken to spending his nights god knows where. I’m angry and hurt, but my words seem to fall on deaf ears. I really value his company, but I can’t seem to make him understand what his behavior is doing to me. We used to belong to each other, no question, but now I fear we’re growing apart.

Lately, however, I’ve been spending my time with someone new. I’ll call him Neo. He’s filling in for Don more and more,  yes, even in bed. I’d known him before, but never realized he could be so warm and loving. He’d alway kept his distance from me before. I think he may have been put off by my relationship with Don, which is quite understandable. But now, everything has changed. He’s no longer disinterested in my affection, and while he’s a different type physically than Don — Neo is much bigger — he certainly has his appeal. It’s very nice to curl up with him too; I believe he’s interested in staking a claim.

Here’s the real problem — these two are brothers. What in the world should I do? I hope romance readers will have some good advice for me. Whoever presents the best solution will win a copy of Grimspace!


Ann Aguirre

PS –  I’m talking about my two cats.

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