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I’m a night person. My husband is a morning person. Of course, this didn’t stop me from shaking my DH awake at two o’clock in the morning a few nights ago, so he could watch the Geminid meteor shower with me.

Squinting at me, he asked, “Define shower?”

It was a legitimate question. This wasn’t the first time I had awakened him in the early dawn hours to watch the night sky with me. In October, I woke him up for the Orionid meteor shower. That night we saw two shooting stars. In November, I dragged him out of bed to watch the once in a lifetime event, when comet 17P/Holmes flared dramatically, and was visible to the naked eye. From our view, it looked like an overly bright star in the sky. I thought I saw a hint of the comet’s tail. Then again, the blur just might have been a smudge on my glasses:)

Unimpressed with our last two nocturnal outings, I wasn’t too surprised that my husband needed a little convincing. “Do you remember the ending to Independence Day?” I asked him.

My husband yawned and nodded. “Yeah. So?”

“Pretty much the same deal,” I replied.

My husband snorted at my blatant lie. However, he’s always been a good sport. He threw on some warm clothes, and soon we were sitting on the chilly concrete of our driveway, staring up at the stars. We risked hypothermia to see five shooting stars in forty minutes.

Strangely, we always have a great time on our little outings. These nocturnal hunts for elusive meteor showers is more about spending time together and sharing a common interest, rather than besting our shooting star count.

That line of thinking had me dwelling on my heroes. On the surface, many of my heroes have little in common with their future soul mates. Their personalities (and basic stubbornness) usually creates minor clashes and sparks between the couples. It isn’t until the hero and heroine can look beyond their prejudices and private fears that they realize that they truly complement one another.

My current December release, Naughty by Nature features a hero and heroine who are opposites in many ways. A tragedy costs the hero most of his family. Trusting the wrong person causes the heroine to lose her family. When they meet, both have very differing views of what family means to them. It is one of several conflicts that they must confront and overcome, if they hope to have a future together.


Naughty by Nature--Barbara Pierce


Patience Rose Farnaly was easily lured away from her wealthy family by the false love of a dangerous man. Rather than face a grim future on the streets, Patience struggled to find honest work as an actress. But when the irresistibly charming Earl of Ramscar offers her legitimate employ in London as a lady’s companion to his sister, Patience snaps up the chance…although her attraction to Ramscar leaves her on shaky ground.


Ever since a devastating fire left his sister brutally scarred, Ramscar vowed to protect the little family he has left. Now that Patience has been hired to be his sister’s companion, his conscience is clear—even if his imagination won’t let him rest. Haunted by fantasies of the beautiful, beguiling Patience, it’s only a matter of time before they enter into an illicit affair—one that might threaten Ramscar’s status among les sauvages nobles if Patience’s dark past comes to light…and could destroy them both.



If you are new to the series, you’ll want to pick up the first two books in the Carlisle series . . .

Book #1

A WICKED BARGAIN…Wicked Under the CoversHandsome, ambitious, and newly wealthy, Maccus Brawley has severed ties with his dangerous past and is close to securing his place in polite society. All he requires is some guidance in fashionable manners—and who better to instruct him than a young lady with breeding, brains, wealth…and a scandalous reputation? Lady Fayre Carlisle needs his help as much as he needs hers, but their scheme soon gives way to unbridled bliss. And although Maccus is known for his daring, dallying with the fiery, vulnerable beauty might be his riskiest venture yet.

LEADS TO A WILD DESIRE With one false step, Fayre lost both her honor and her heart, thanks to her father’s scheming ex-mistress. Others might retreat in shame from the ton’s gossipmongers, but Fayre is determined to pay back those who humiliated her, and Maccus Brawley is proving to be an unexpected and seductive ally. With all that Fayre has learned about temptation, how can she risk her heart a second time? Yet with every illicit encounter reaching new heights of passion, how can she resist?

2006 Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Nominee for Best Sensual Historical




Book #2Sinful Between the Sheets

Fayne Carlisle is not yet ready to assume the title of Duke of Solitea, but his father’s sudden death means that his lusty bachelor days are numbered. Is the fabled Solitea Curse to blame for this stroke of ill luck? Or is Lady Kilby Fitchwolf the poison? A violet-eyed beauty with a family scandal of her own, she has just arrived among the ton…and soon becomes the object of the Duke’s wildest fantasies. But are the rumors true? Was Fayne’s father really found dead in Lady Kilby’s very bedchambers? And if so, should that preclude the duke from keeping her company? Surely there’s no more pleasurable way to perish. But as the duke comes to know the beautiful siren, it seems she couldn’t be less interested in seducing him—and what begins for the Duke as romantic sport escalates into a do-or-die courtship that brings the two lovers dangerously close to falling in love.“Pierce weaves a Regency tale studded with intrigue and steamy love scenes . . . a plot rich with unexpected twists, witty dialogue and charming characters.”–Publisher’s Weekly





So what’s next in the series? On July 29, 2008, Everod’s story will hit bookstores. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover:


Scandalous by Night


Thanks, Fatin for allowing me to drop by and share my lastest news on the Carlisle series! As a “thank you” for stopping by today, I will draw two names from the list of comments and mail the winners autographed copies of my current release, Naughty by Nature.

Have a Merry Christmas, Everyone!



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