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In Rhinebeck, New York, there’s an historic inn called The Beekman Arms. The first time I ever heard of it, I was in the sixth grade. We were getting The New York Times delivered to the class every day, and there was a story about it with a picture. At that time, I lived more than an hour away and had never been to Rhinbeck, but I’d heard of it, it was close, and there it was in The New York Times! It was like being famous.


Then, just before starting seventh grade, we moved to the town right next to Rhinebeck. I remember staring at it, all white and majestic, as we drove past on Route 9 to our new home. It seemed so untouchable to me. I mean, it was the oldest inn in America! George Washington had slept there! The New York Times took a picture of it and printed it!


When I was seventeen, my mother and I took a night class together – Ghosts of the Hudson Valley. We took a road trip into Rhinebeck, and visited a church across the street from The Beekman Arms. Our teacher told us the Beekman Arms was also rumored to be haunted, but we hadn’t gotten permission to go there. However, when we drove by, some people in the van claimed they could feel a presence. I personally thought they were full of crap, but I didn’t say anything, because my mother was there.


When I was in my early twenties, not long before I moved to Tucson with my now-husband, I took my mother out to dinner at the Beekman Arms. All I remember about it now is how fancy it seemed, how out of place I felt, and how dark the wood was. Even then, in my wordly and cynical early twenties, the place held a fascination for me. So when the idea of writing a book set in a place like the Beekman Arms presented itself to me, I had to take it.


CRAZY IN LOVE, which just released this week, is the story of Flynn Daly, an aimless woman in her early thirties who inherits an historic, upstate NY inn called the Goodhouse Arms when her aunt dies. Once she gets there, she meets bartender Jake Tucker… and her aunt Esther, who isn’t quite as willing to go toward the light as Flynn would wish. Throw in a murder mystery and some Crazy Women in Love (or CWiLs, as they’re called in the book) and it’s a romantic comedy caper set in one of the coolest settings I could imagine. I had great fun writing it, and I hope those of you who read it have great fun as well.


And if you ever get a chance, stop by the Beekman Arms and report in for me. And if you feel a presence, call it Esther and see what happens…


Lani Diane Rich is the Rita-award winning author of six romantic comedy novels, including THE FORTUNE QUILT and CRAZY IN LOVE. You can find her at her website (www.lanidianerich.com); her novel-in-progress, Dogs and Goddesses (www.dogsandgoddesses.com), on which she collaborates with New York Times bestsellers Jennifer Crusie and Anne Stuart; and her popular podcast, Will Write for Wine (www.willwriteforwine.com) which she co-hosts with award winning romantic suspense author, Samantha Graves.

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