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Thanks to Lily for reminding me that we still haven’t drawn a name to win Carly Phillips’ book and goodie. So sorry I’m late with this!


Winner of Carly’s book is……


Tammy G!!! 


Congrats Tammy!


Please email me your snail mail addy at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces).

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Blythe emailed to let me know that she’s already read Melody’s book and decided to pass it on to another reader so I’ve picked another name with the help of my little Diva.


New winner of Melody’s book is………





Congrats Andrea!


Please email me your snail mail addy at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces) and I’ll send out your book this week.

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My new book Seduced for the Inheritance comes out today!!! It’s only my second book, so perhaps that explains my general glee and excessive use of exclamation marks, but it’s hard to imagine that the thrill of seeing your book on the shelves ever wears off. Since Fatin was kind enough to ask me to visit, I thought I’d chat a bit about a subject that’s been on my mind lately—secondary characters.


One review of Seduced for the Inheritance devoted a long paragraph to a pair of secondary characters in my story—the heroine’s mother and the hero’s father. The reviewer talked about feeling the passion of these characters and their deep affection for each other and how that story moved her almost as much as the central romance between Anna and Naldo. This was fascinating to me as the two characters she described—Letty and Robert—are dead before the story even starts!



Since this is a Silhouette Desire, not a paranormal, Letty and Robert never appear, except in memories and conversations. The latter become increasingly heated as Anna and Naldo find themselves following in their parents footsteps—unwittingly, in Anna’s case, and unwillingly in Naldo’s. It’s a thrill for me that these secondary characters came alive for this reader, even though they are never actually on the page.


When my first book, The Boss’s Demand, came out in July, I received many emails from readers asking me if I planned to write stories for the heroine’s sister Erin, and the hero’s brothers Quasar and Salim. It excited me that people were interested in reading about these people who barely peeked into the story, and in visiting again with the main characters.



Secondary characters are fun because they can do things that a hero and heroine couldn’t get away with. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has wonderful secondary romances with characters that are too old or otherwise atypical to be the main hero and heroine of a romance. Kathleen Eagle has written moving secondary love stories that follow a different trajectory than a traditional romance. A secondary romance can shed an interesting and sometimes revealing light on the romance between the hero and heroine.


Do you have favorite secondary characters from books you’ve read? Are there certain characteristics that immediately make you wonder if the author will write a sequel featuring those characters? (i.e., they’re alive 😉 Do you enjoy books that have a secondary romance with parallels to the main romance, and if so, what are some of your favorites?



One reader randomly drawn from today’s comments will win a copy of my new book Seduced for the Inheritance (in stores today!!!) and a copy of my debut book The Boss’s Demand.



Thanks Fatin, for having me over to chat!




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