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Julia London’s ARC Winner



As promised, I had my little Diva help me pick a winner for Julia London’s ARC of THE DANGERS OF DECEIVING A VISCOUNT.


Winner is….


Christy H.!!


Congrats Christy!


Email me your snail mail addy at mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces.)



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Yep, it’s true, I’m bedeviled. I hear voices. *nods* You might think being a romance novelist is easy, but it isn’t. The voices are always there, whispering to me when I walk, eat, work, drive, even when I sleep. Sometimes they even wake me with their insistent cries for attention. It’s like babysitting a pack of two-year-olds. (Please don’t call the authorities, I don’t like rubber rooms.)

Seriously though, the creative half of my brain must be twice the size it should be. I cannot stop thinking about characters and their stories. A writer friend once said, if you constantly think about a character, then you must write their story. The funny thing is, after I started writing that insistent character’s story, I realized she was right.

People often ask me where my ideas come from. Somtimes they originate with the voices (now I sound like a crackpot *snerk*). Secondary characters are important to me when I’m writing and I try to make them as vivid as possible. This can backfire, such as when they start nagging me for their own story. Case in point, Hermano from The Bounty. That bandito was relentless–I think he even whispered Spanish love phrases in my ear when I slept. I absolutely HAD to write his story so he’d leave me in peace. Thus, The Reward was born.

When the title of my new series, Devils on Horseback, came to me, I was at a Christmas party at a restaurant here in NC. The menu had a dish called (guess!) Devils on Horseback, oysters with hot sauce – note that we like everything hot and spicy in the south. 😉 I wrote down the name on a piece of paper in my purse and right then and there, the series started to grow in my imagination.

I wrote the Malloy family series one by one, without thinking about how many I was going to write until I was on book 4 (then I knew there’d be 7). But with Devils on Horseback, I immediately decided on 5 men, each with their own hopes, dreams, problems and history. In a twist I also gave them all Biblical names. Get it? Devils, Biblical? *evil grin*

Anyhoo, I had to be sure to pick names that weren’t unusual for 1865, so I chose Gideon, Nathaniel, Cornelius, Ezekial and Jacob. All hearty Biblical names, most of them shortened of course. Lee (Cornelius) and Zeke (Ezekial), brothers, absolutely hate their names so they tend to annoy each other with them.

Now you’re probably wondering how the name of the series ties into these five men. Their history together is long. They grew up together, Lee and Zeke are cousins of Gideon Blackwood, Jake is their illegitimate cousin, and Nate was a childhood friend of the other four. They served in the Civil War together in a Georgia cavalry unit – their midnight raids on Yankee camps, combined with the blood-chilling Rebel yells – earned their nickname Devils on Horseback from their commanding General.

They survived the war only to find nothing but death when they returned home to Georgia. Nate’s book follows them through their initial few months as men looking for a new start.

Now you see what I mean about voices? Geez louise, I’ve given them a history, physical characteristics, mannerisms, even issues (like psychological, ya know?). They come to me constantly (right now it’s Jake as I finish his story) and knock on the side of my brain to be let in. Devils on Horseback: Nate releases in ebook next Tuesday, September 25 – finally one of the devils is gonna leave my head.

Nate by Beth Williamson

Seriously, y’all, I’m bedeviled. 😉

I’d love to hear what y’all think about some of your favorite characters from books. What stood out for you? Was it the little things (like quirks, favorite saying, maybe even a lock of hair that wouldn’t stay put)? Or something else – like their walk or how they dealt with adversity? Any and all posters get entered in a drawing for a download of my new short story, Marielle’s Marshal from Samhain. It’s a fun, sexy, fast read sure to bring a smile to your face and ahem, a squirm to your seat.

Now c’mon and tell me who bedevils you from a book.

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